MUSAGO Safety Helmet

Every year, hundreds of workers die from head injuries in crashes and falling objects.

MUSAGO Safety helmet is smart safety equipment that protects lives

by inducing construction/industrial field workers to wear safety helmets.

Product Specification

Size120(W)*23(D)*21(H) mm


Wireless CommunicationBLE(2,402~2,480MHz), SUBGHz(925MHz)
Built-in SensorProximity Sensor, Tri-axial Acceleration Sensor
I/O Interface1-Push Button(SOS), Status LED(Red/White), Buzzer, Speaker(Voice)
PowerLithium Ion Battery, CR17450 (3V, 2,400mAh)
CertificationsKC, SAR
ComponentsSafety Helmet Sensor, Bracket, User Guide 

Meet the MUSAGO

Safety Helmet on Video

Main Features


Detecting not wearing safety helmet

If a worker is detected to take off the safety helmet in an invisible place during working hours, voice guidance is used to induce the wearing of the safety helmet.


A call for emergency help

The MUSAGO device has an SOS button, which allows the worker to quickly call the Safety Manager in the event of an emergency.


Worker Location Management

The MUSAGO device automatically detects workers entering and leaving the site and monitors the worker's location in real time. It is possible to accurately determine the location of each floor height because the altitude sensor is built in. 


Non-face-to-face calling service

The administrator conveniently calls workers remotely through the MUSAGO platform.


No more battery replacement worries!

The MUSAGO safety helmet has a built-in low-power technology that guarantees over a year of operation in a single battery replacement.

It automatically guides you when the battery replacement cycle comes, so don't worry!

System Configuration

A mobile network(LTE) construction site

A place not on the mobile network(LTE)

(ex. Tunnel, Underground etc)


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