Musago-Guard is a smart safety equipment that monitors small changes in structure

caused by the external environment by attaching it to a structure 

that is at risk of falling or collapsing, preventing collapse accidents and protecting lives.

Product Specification

Size150(W)*87(D)*34(H) mm


Wireless CommunicationMC3000B : BLE5.0(2.4GHz)
MC3000BL : BLE5.0(2.4GHz), LTE Cat.M1

Built-in SensorTri-axial Inclinometer Sensor, Tri-axial Acceleration Sensor
I/O Interface1-Push Button, Status LED(Red/Green/Blue), Buzzer
PowerLithium Ion Battery (3.6V, 18,250mAh)
CertificationsKC, IP68
ComponentsGuard, Bracket, User Guide 
Manufacturer / OrginStory4you Co., Ltd / Made in KOREA

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Main Features


Structual Inclination Measurement with High-Precision Sensors : Preventing Collapses

By measuring the change in tilt of structures located within the range of ground displacement due to excavation work, natural disasters, etc., it identifies the stability of structure and prevents large-scale collapse accidents by performing pre-reinforcement work when a sudden change and dagerous angle is detected.


Immiediate alerts for risk detection

When a preset dangerous angle(tilt) is detected, it immediately notifies nearby workers to evacuate to minimize accident damage. 

It is possible to build a smart system by linking with various smart safety equipment such as worker safety equipment, smart warning lights and app/web services.


Easy to install and move

Built-in high-capacity battery(18Ah) and LTE wireless communication technology eliminate the need for complex electrical and communication work, and separate brackets are provided for easy installation on various facilities such as earth membrane, copper barrier and form-work. 

You can easily move and install the equipment according to the progress of the site.  


No more battery replacement worries!

The MUSAGO Guard has a built-in low-power technology that guarantees over 1 year of operation in a single battery replacement.

It automatically guides you when the battery replacement cycle comes, so don't worry!


Dust and water resistant : IP68

IP68 dust and water resistant rating for use in harsh outdoor environments such as dirt and heavy rain.


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